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Episode #21: Agile Portfolio – Project Insight Webinar 18-Aug-2016

KnolShare with Dr. Dave Cornelius

Agile portfolio has similar desired outcomes as traditional portfolio techniques.  The agile portfolio goals are 1) select the right opportunity to maximize sustainable profit, 2) remove non-value outcome activities, and 3) build alignment throughout the organization.

The agile practice is iterative and the focus will be to authorize work on a quarterly basis.  This provides flexibility to inspect and adapt according to customer demands and market conditions.

Our discussion will explore the weighted shortest job first (WSJF) technique to select the right opportunity with the highest priority.


  • Align the Organization
  • Iterative Strategy
  • Lean Thinking and Agility
  • Strategic Discovery
  • Prioritizing Strategic Value
  • Weighted Shortest Job (Value) First (WSJF)
  • Agile Portfolio – Right Value Done Right
  • Measuring the Promise
  • Culture Matters

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