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Episode #29: Retrospective Techniques and Nonviolent Communications (NVC)

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Retrospectives serve as a practice of continual learning and team growth. Teams identify behaviors to improve by sharing 1) what worked, 2) what did not work, and 3) what can be improved. NVC is a powerful conflict resolution tool for effective communications and empathy with individuals or teams. Key NVC components include 1) observations, 2) feelings, 3) needs, and 4) requests. The application of NVC during a retrospective session will help people communicate effectively with limited judgements and experience a breakthrough in continual learning.  This webinar introduces the blend of two great techniques to develop teams to achieve greater productivity and collaboration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the power of using retrospectives to continually learn
  • Demonstrate empathy through the practice of NVC
  • Use compassionate language to resolve conflict
  • Identify areas to build stronger and stable teams
  • Help teams learn how to self-organize and resolve conflicts

Watch the Project Insight Webinar: