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Episode #6: Dr. Hadar Ziv Explains How Informatics Shape the Next Generation Technology Professionals


Dr. Hadar Ziv – Researcher and Lecturer in Informatics at the School of ICS at UC Irvine

This is Dr. Dave and you are listening to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast, hosted on  KnolShare with Dr. Dave is also on iTunes and Google Play.  This is episode #6 with Dr. Hadar Ziv, a professor at the University of California Irvine, School of Information and Computer Science.

I visited the school’s website and discovered that I did not know much about informatics. I reached out and invited my friend Dr. Hadar Ziv from UCI’s Department of Informatics to tell us more about the subject and the value to the next generation of technology professionals.

Duration: 32 minutes

This interview gave me a few nostalgic moments and I went back in time to my undergraduate days when I studied computer science at Carroll University in Wisconsin.  I recall the efforts of the professors to make the course information relevant to the work world.  I see the same effort by Dr. Hadar Ziv and his associates at UCI working to make the learning experience relevant to each student so they may succeed with a future employer.

Thank you for listening today.

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This interview was created and conducted by Dr. Dave Cornelius.