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Episode #8: Dr. Estella Chavous – The Mindfulness Professor

Photo-DrE Dr. Estella Chavous

Hello, this is Dr. Dave and you are listening to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast, hosted on  KnolShare with Dr. Dave is also on iTunes and Google Play.  You are listening to episode #8 with Dr. Estella Chavous, a practitioner and expert in mindfulness.  Mindfulness continues to play a significant role in my daily life.  As I begin my day and before entering into the distractions of each day, I begin with prayer and mindfulness to ensure that I remain present in the Now.

Dr. Estella Chavous co-authored the book “Let Meditation Mend You” with her daughter Jacinta.  You can purchase a copy on  Connect with Dr. Chavous on twitter @strategicladies.

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