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Episode #9: Armond Mehrabian – Enterprise Agile Coaching

Armond-Mehrabian_205x243 Armond Mehrabian

Enterprise Agile Coaching

Hello, this is Dr. Dave and you are listening to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast, hosted on  KnolShare with Dr. Dave is also on iTunes and Google Play.  You are listening to episode #9 with Armond Mehrabian, an enterprise agile coach, business leader, and man of faith.  I am certainly appreciative of Armond for his agile at scale knowledge and the positive energy he brings.  We are live at the Agile Open San Diego on a warm sunny day in California.

When I pursued my SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) certification, Armond was one of the instructors.   I was fortunate to learn from someone with sound experience and clarity of the value of agility to the organization.  Perhaps you may experience the same fortune of being trained by Armond.

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