E122: Our Guest today is Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson. Getting to Your Mountaintop Series.

E122 Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson is a guest on KnolShare with Dr. Dave.

Summary of Dr. Dave A. Cornelius and Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson COnversation.


  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech and Black History Month. 0:07
    • Dr. Dave quotes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Mountaintop" speech, discussing pursuing the promised land for social innovators and entrepreneurs.


  • Entrepreneurship, healing, and coaching with Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson. 1:55
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson shares how TI and Rihanna's song "Live Your Life” inspires her to embrace growth and change in entrepreneurship.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson shares her life's work of inspiring hope and helping others heal through authenticity and coaching.


  • Entrepreneurship, trauma, and authenticity. 6:24
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson shares her journey of resilience and healing from trauma as a former foster child and survivor of human trafficking.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson's passion for healing and mentoring black and brown girls led her to create a nonprofit and write a best-selling book.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson shares the most significant challenge in business: not asking for help due to trust issues and autism spectrum navigation.


  • Cultural identity, business growth, and self-awareness. 12:24
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson struggles with asking for help due to ego and pride, but when she does, doors open up for her, and God aligns people to support her.
    • Balancing cultural identity and business demands can create a dual personality. Still, Ronnie strives for harmony between the two, even if it means evolving beyond what others previously knew of her.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson emphasizes the importance of cultural alignment and authenticity in her coaching practice, prioritizing the well-being and growth of her clients.
    • She encourages black women to embrace their feelings and question adverse environments, surrounding themselves with supportive spaces that align with their core values and goals.
  • Entrepreneurship, mentorship, and personal growth. 18:10
    • Dr. Dave and Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson discuss the importance of mentors in their careers, with Ronnie highlighting the role of mentors as grandmothers, sisters, and mothers.
    • Ronnie emphasizes the importance of honesty and growth in mentoring relationships and how she holds her mentees accountable while learning from them.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson advises young people, especially women of color, to stop saving and start investing.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson emphasizes the importance of intentional investment and self-reflection for entrepreneurial success.


  • Impacting the community through mentorship and philanthropy. 25:26
    • Dr. Day envisions her business as a philanthropic organization providing spaces for black and brown women to rest and receive support.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson envisions creating safe spaces for black and brown women to flourish.


  • Entrepreneurship, hard work, and perseverance. 29:00
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson aims to franchise his business and gift it to others.
    • Aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of the realities of the journey, including setbacks and hardships, rather than just the highlights.
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson emphasizes the importance of understanding one's "Y" (why) and allowing it to be the discipline that drives consistency and hard work in achieving goals.
    • Ronnie encourages listeners to connect with him on LinkedIn and visit his website, ronniecyrusjackson.org, for more information and updates.


  • Healing and transformation with author Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson. 36:41
    • Ronnie Cyrus-Jackson shares his story of healing and transformation through coaching and speaking engagements.

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