E126: Special Guest LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom

LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom, Special Guest, KnolShare with Dr. Dave Podcast

LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom

Hello, and welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast. I am Dave A. Cornelius, affectionately called Dr. Dave, your host. Today's conversation is about the 'Social Change Advocates' and their role in making the world better for us.

In today's world, being a 'Social Change Advocate' means having the courage to stand up for what’s right and make a difference in the world. It’s about using the power of your voice, taking action, and bringing communities together to create positive change.

Our world is complex and ever-changing, and it’s important to listen to the cries for justice and equality that echo through the digital sphere and beyond. As a Social Change Advocate, you play a critical role in anticipating and influencing change, advocating for policies and practices that uplift marginalized communities and bring people together.

Your work as a Social Change Advocate goes beyond borders and barriers, using innovative tools and technologies to amplify underrepresented voices and create a more inclusive future. With empathy, determination, and a commitment to education and dialogue, you can help shape a better world where everyone can dream big and actively participate in creating the change they want to see.

My special guest today is LaChelle Adkins, “America’s SuperMom.“  Welcome to the KnolShare with Dr. Dave Podcast.


LaChelle Adkins, America’s SuperMom - KnolShare with Dr_ Dave Podcast Summary

  • Social change advocacy and its impact. 0:04
    • LaChelle Atkins discusses social change advocacy and its role in creating a more inclusive future.
  • Mental health, family, and advocacy. 2:07
    • LaChelle shares a song that inspires them, "No Weapon Formed Against Me" by Fred Hammond and discusses how it helps them stay motivated and focused during challenging times.
    • LaChelle identifies themselves as "America's Supermom," a TV producer with 15 children, and discusses their role as a mother and creator.
    • LaChelle shares her personal story of depression and suicide attempts to help others.
  • Mental health during the pandemic. 6:54
    • Club co-founder shares how the pandemic brought the family closer together.
    • LaChelle creates "smile for wellness" movement during pandemic, focusing on 5 pillars for mental health: sleep, mood, inner voice, laughter, and energy.
  • Personal growth, coalition building, and listening to inner voices. 11:39
    • LaChelle shares their personal journey of learning the importance of sleep and its impact on their mental and physical health.
    • LaChelle emphasizes the importance of humility and recognizing that they don't have to do everything alone, and that prayer is a crucial tool for finding strength and guidance in their personal and professional life.
    • LaChelle shares their personal journey of learning to listen to their own inner voice and let go of ego to resolve challenges.
    • LaChelle's inner voice is lost during depression, but they find it by giving space for others to have their own voices.
  • Self-love, activism, and education. 17:17
    • LaChelle shares personal journey of building confidence through self-forgiveness and trust in their own voice.
    • LaChelle emphasizes the importance of self-love and journaling for personal growth and empathy.
    • Dr. Dave agrees and adds that loving oneself is crucial to loving others and God.
    • LaChelle emphasizes the importance of living the advice you want to give to others, as children learn by mimicking behavior.
    • LaChelle is passionate about helping families instill their core beliefs and values in their children to foster courage and critical thinking.
  • Mental health, resilience, and personal growth. 24:46
    • Dr. Dave reflects on the power of persistence and community in creating social change.
    • Dr. Dave and LaChelle emphasize the importance of being mindful of the company you keep and creating a supportive environment to maintain mental health.
    • They encourage listeners to be proactive and take action to surround themselves with positive influences to achieve their goals.