E123: Featuring Guest Melanie Richards, The Social Advocate on the Getting to Your Mountaintop Series

Melanie Richards appears on the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast.

Melanie Stated, Resonance is key to self-care. Prioritize what lights you up.

The Getting to Your Mountaintop - Social Change Advocate is a special episode of the KnolShare with Dr. Dave podcast featuring the inspiring Melanie Richards, Founder of ‘BVisiblewithMel’ and Host of the LinkedIn Live event I'm Possible!


  • Creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. 0:07
    • Melanie Richards shares her inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to become a successful social change advocate.
    • Melanie uses a song to inspire creative collaboration and safe spaces while sharing their elevator pitch as a business attraction and event success coach.
  • Social advocacy and fundraising for various causes. 4:09
    • Dr. Dave's passion for social advocacy was sparked by his sister-in-law Liz, who passed away, leading him to raise funds for women's cancers and other causes.
    • Liz helped turn the speaker into a fundraiser after personal experiences with social justice issues.
  • Advocacy, coalition-building, and self-care for nonprofit leaders. 7:42
    • Melanie faces the challenge of finding opportunities for others to get involved in causes they care about.
    • Board member emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and resource sharing for non-profits.
    • Dr. Dave and Melanie discuss self-care and activism, with Melanie highlighting the importance of prioritizing self-care through nonprofit involvement and personal practices.
  • Self-care, community involvement, and making a difference. 14:46
    • Resonance is key to self-care. Prioritize what lights you up.
    • Dr. Dave encourages listeners to get involved in their community, starting with small acts of kindness and volunteering for local organizations.
  • Social change advocacy and fundraising. 19:46
    • Melanie aims to join a foundation board, devote themselves to fundraising, and host a podcast to elevate executives.
    • Melanie emphasizes sharing personal stories and helping others in social change advocacy.
    • Dr. Dave and Melanie express gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to connect and share knowledge.