E124: Earl and Charlotte Grant-Cobb, Featured Guests on KnolShare with Dr. Dave

Getting to Your Mountaintop - Navigating as a Generative Leader


  • Generative Leadership and Personal Discovery. 0:07
    • Dr. Dave and the guests discuss generative leadership, sharing personal experiences and insights.
    • Speakers reflect on legacy, generative leadership, and leaving a positive impact.
    • Earl emphasizes allowing individuals to discover their leadership styles and abilities.
  • Leadership, trust, and abundance mindset. 6:30
    • Leaders cultivate an abundance mindset by asking positive questions, inspiring creativity, and exploring possibilities.
    • Earl emphasizes the importance of being curious and relating to others, even at the top of their game, leading large organizations.
    • Charlotte discusses the challenge of shifting away from a perceived mission and the need for generative leadership that includes the past, present, and future.
    • Dr. Dave and Earl discuss the importance of trust in leadership, with Charlotte emphasizing that trust is earned and can be lost easily.
    • They also agree that trust should be maintained even in a post-COVID world. Earl suggests that leaders should enable their team members to live their best lives while providing value to the organization.
  • Trust, abundance mindset, and generative leadership in a crisis. 15:38
    • Charlotte emphasizes the importance of trust in the workplace, particularly in COVID-19.
    • Earl emphasizes the importance of trust in times of crisis, highlighting the need for team members to understand and support each other.
    • Dr. Dave agrees, emphasizing that generative leaders identify and nurture the strengths and talents of their team members to unleash their potential.
  • Leadership, failure, and growth. 20:45
    • Leaders who treat everyone the same can inadvertently insult those who need more support, and unleashing potential requires trust, abundance, and tailored support for each contributor.
    • Earl shares insights on creating a safe space for failure and growth, citing their experience at Motorola and the Pentagon.
    • Galvin's Six Sigma initiative at Motorola emphasized publishing lessons learned, fostering autonomy, and effective delegation.
  • Leadership, micromanaging, and celebrating successes. 27:31
    • Charlotte emphasizes celebrating collective victories and valuing team members' contributions.
    • Dr. Dave shares a personal experience of feeling unmotivated in a micromanaging environment, highlighting the need for a more collaborative approach.
  • Leadership, communication, and generational differences. 30:13
    • Leaders must build trust and understanding with team members over time to communicate and delegate tasks effectively.
    • Encourage emerging leaders with gratitude and inclusivity to thrive in multi-generational environments.
    • Earl acknowledges the difficulty in understanding a client's situation and offers a thoughtful approach to addressing their concerns.
    • Earl emphasizes the importance of understanding the client's mindset and addressing the "elephant in the room" to provide effective solutions.
    • Dr. Dave thanked Charlotte and Earl Cobb for sharing their knowledge and encouraged listeners to connect with them through their company's website.
    • Charlotte emphasizes giving each other grace and space to grow and invites listeners to learn more about their work on their website.
Earl and Charlotte Cobb