E64: Brandon and Nicole Raines Keynote. On the Go: Addressing Burnout and Growing

On the Go: Addressing Burnout and Growing Resilience

In order to be an effective coach, it is important to maintain and sharpen your core tool, you.  This means attending to every aspect of you including mental health. Practicing good mental hygiene through self-awareness and intentional care is one way to maintain an agile mind.  There are no set rules for practicing self-care, but it is important to establish some markers for how you continue to nurture your relationship with self.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t recognize this need.  We simply jump from event to event or engagement to engagement without ensuring we are whole, present, and charged.  This despite one of the essential values of Agility being, ‘maintaining a sustainable pace’.  It doesn’t just apply to the teams we are coaching, but for the coach as well.